Essays & Articles

Witnessing ‘Yellow’
Performance assistance and article by Paola Catizone, Artist and Visitor Engagement Team, IMMA.

Thought of the heart

Article by Paola Catizone.

The term “Journey” has been so over-used in the yoga/therapeutic literature that I had vowed to avoid it at all costs, place a moratorium on it, and find a less jaded substitute. Looking back at 35 years of yoga teaching and training however, it really feels like a journey, or a trip, a voyage. [...]

Of Water, Body and Symmetry

Article by Paola Catizone.

How do we begin to tell the story of the evolution of species? The developmental shape shifting, the exodus of creatures from sea to land and the morphic and movement transformations that occurred during that lengthy journey? [...]

Drawing Limits

Essay by Paola Catizone.

Limits are necessary if form is to emerge in the material world. Without limits, entropy ensues. Drawing may well be the most limited of all art disciplines. The variety of tools used in drawing are, by necessity, restricted. The process of drawing can be described as the result of dragging a pencil, charcoal or marker onto paper or other surface, to produce scratch-like lines. [...]