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Video by Ian Nolan. Editing by Jules O'Reilly


Employing the whole body as a drawing medium, the artist creates a series of performances, videos and installations that are time based and reflect on the notion of female purity.

Exhibited at


Satellite Studios, Dublin, Ireland.


A4 Gallery, Thomas Street, Dublin, Ireland.

After exploring performative drawings for years, Catizone moved away from the use of hand- held drawing materials to use the whole body as the means of mark making. 

Based on a dance exploration aimed at sensitising the skin, the movement sequence employed involved bringing the entire surface of the body in touch with the graphite powder placed on  the drawing surface which was in turn secured onto the gallery floor.

This project consisted of a series of seven performances, one every day. One of seven hand made white dresses was used on each performance , and was transformed from pure white to dusty black, until, one by one, at the end of the seven days, all dresses had been darkened.

Each performance was filmed daily and added to the projection in the space, increasing the duration of the video and engaging with time as a working  element.

Performance props and traces were accumulated to build an installation.

An edited version of Smudge was selected and  shown as part of RAW, a  performance art online exhibition organized by the performance collective Bbeyond in January of  2021.

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