A collaboration between artist and world music DJ, involving trance music and drawing, UV lights and public participation.

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Catizone and DJ Nigel Wood were  invited to perform together at the Body & Soul festival 2017.

Artist and DJ collaborated by listening  to a lot of music together and choosing a two hour worth of trance inducing, ferocious ethnic sounds.  In the  live performance, Catizone  moved  uninterruptedly  while drawing with two hands and using UV markers and UV lights,  to “draw with light” on a large sheet of paper on board.

The resulting drawing is a record of movement and of the sound that prompted it.

It was the end of the solstice and the artist ritualised the performance,  burning sage and marking the four directions, and using animal skulls, plants and other power objects.

In the magic of the Pagoda woodland area at Body & Soul, a crowd gathered to watch, dance and celebrate.

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